Rec Commissioner PhoneEmail
Ryan Christopher (443) 838 - 4381
Jeff Gutowski (443) 250 - 3897


4-6 In-House Teams

Commissioners will roster the teams, assign coaches, and firm up the schedule early-to-mid March, so parents can expect to hear from a coach mid-to-late March. By rule, in-house teams are not able to use the fields until April 1st.


4-6 – Rules Of The Game
4-6 – Coaches Game Day Expectations

What to Expect

  • All Rec age groups take the fields for practice April 1st.
  • Expect to hear from a coach mid-late March.
  • 4-6 teams practice one day a week, Mon-Thu, 6-7/7:30, light/time permitted.
  • Practice Saturdays for the first 2-3 weeks, then games start on Saturdays.
  • Saturday Game times: 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm.
  • In May, your practice night will become a game night for the rest of the season.


  • Each child provided with team jersey and hat by coach/program.
  • You must supply glove, cleats, and either gray or white baseball pants.

Games – Loose Guidelines

  • Players use tees for the first 1-3 games, then coach-pitch to the players.
  • Players receive 7-8 pitches and if no contact/hit, the tee is brought out for them to get on base.
  • Outs can be made but are not recorded. Entire lineup bats and completes base path each inning.
  • For more info see above documents.

If there is a particular request you have, such as a teammate, coach, or a certain night of the week you can or cannot make practice, please add to the Comment box during registration.

Field Locations

Fields vary year to year but will be at either Fallston Rec or Reckord Road.